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Letter-writer and administrative clerk in the area of DINAN, DINARD, SAINT-MALO
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à la page – écriture, letter-writer is a modern « à la page » as we say it in French, writing service, which offers creation, though shaped with tradition in respect for a linguistic quality that is close to our heart.à la page – écriture, letter-writer is settled on the banks of river Rance, in LANVALLAY, just outside DINAN, near DINARD and SAINT-MALO.


Self-employed letter-writer and administrative clerk

Writing has always been a major art for human expression and one of the features of the human kind. It can be either synthetic, or lyric, dramatic, sensual, seducing, indeed teasing, etc. according to the mood or the needs of the one who uses it ; these styles of writing are innumerable.

As a matter of fact, writing is a flexible, adaptable and precious tool, used on an everyday basis, even if the new technologies now seem to relegate it to a position of secondary importance.

Even though, from the beginning, writing has always been everywhere, a witness and an actor of the history of mankind : sacred books and hymns, texts of plays and entertainment, odes and poems, political decrees or speeches and propaganda, lampoons and critiques of all kinds, newspapers and advertisements, writing has always surrounded, fed, shaped and made man grow and still makes man, with or without their agreement a reader or a literary creator, a sheep or a wolf, in any case, an ever-user of this kind of an expression so many the uses of which are.

Thus, I invite you to go along with me, and through me if you like, in the pleasure of writing, to express what you would like to have written, according to your needs :

  • I propose you writing creation, in the administrative field(remote secretarial service, data entry, typing, texts rereading and emendation, writing of curricula vitae and of letters of application, as well as letters to administrations and public or private services, assistance in filling forms in), in the social field(writing of speeches and cards of thanks), as well as in the private sphere(writing of stories of life episodes, of a biography)... These creations could appear in a modern or in a more classic and tradional style, according to your demand. 

  • Also, I can help in academic support as far as English, Spanish and French languages are concerned and provide you with reading times at home or in any place, as most convenient and suitable.

  • If needed, I can assist you in getting through steps with the French administration.

Prices are listed on « Fees » page.