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Letter-writer and administrative clerk in the area of DINAN, DINARD, SAINT-MALO
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Should you be a student, an individual or a professional, I pour all my very thorough energy, reliability and competency into ensuring your entire satisfaction. à la page – écriture services offer efficiency and professionalism in the creation of a wide range of written documents such as an application letter for snagging an internship abroad to data entry on the account of a consortium with no secretariat support, or formatting and checking the layouts of your courses and lectures to the translation of a technical guide or writing your biography.

You are looking for a service and you cannot find it in the list below ? Not to worry, fill the contact form in and let me know.

à la page – écriture SERVICES :

  • creative work :

  • administrative correspondence (writing of letters, curricula vitae, application letters, theses, custom package including a curriculum vitae and a letter of application)
  • event writings (writing of a speech, of a notice for an upcoming event, of a thank-you note)
  • accounts of live and biographies (initial interview with voice recording following interviews also with voice recording and, submission of the first written documents, then writing of the account of life)
  • secretarial support : 

    • proofreading and correction (proofreading, spell, grammar and syntax checkings, rewriting)
    • typing and transcription (data entry, typing of handwritten documents -and unstructured plain texts-, form filling, transcription from an audio record)
  • translation work (from English to French and vice versa)

  • educational support in French and Spanish languages

  • consulting and temporary attendance in mairies

  • reading sessions at home or in residences for independent or assisted persons